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Labour Solutions

Nosmesa Labour Solutions was established by business owners who realized that the new Labour Laws can be very harmful to employers if not properly managed. The company delivers a service to employers regarding Labour Relations and all relevant representations as allowed by the Labour Relations Act and aims to be the mouthpiece for small and medium employers in South Africa.

Nosmesa strives to empower their clients by informing and training them on all or any new legislative changes.

We offer a 24 hour help-line service to our clients

CCMA Related Issues

  • Representation at the CCMA and Bargaining Council
  • Full CCMA representation for employers
  • Professional advice and representation at disciplinary hearings

HR and Employee Contracts

  • Preparation and implementation of service contracts and revising of existing contracts to comply with the conditions of Section 29 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Setting up a code of good labour practice in the workplace
  • Supply of required disciplinary documents
  • Assistance with retrenchments
  • Counselling between employer and employee when disputes in the workplace arises
  • Training with regards to disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Access to our crisis team

Labour Related Issues

  • Professional advice and representation during strikes and lockouts
  • Representation in the workplace concerning all labour related problems
  • Collective bargaining (Union negotiations) on all benefits and conditions of employment
  • Facilitating meetings between employers and employees
  • Setting up a code of good labour practice in the workplace
  • Implementing the Basic Conditions of Employment Act in the workplace
  • Updating the employers concerning amendments to labour laws
  • Supply of required disciplinary documents
  • Assistance with labour related issues regarding change of ownership

Nosmesa uses legal experts for disciplinary hearings to ensure that correct procedures are being followed. We approach labour issues in a preventative, than remedial manner. Over the last few years the need for assistance with other laws were voiced by Nosmesa's clients, therefore we decided to extend our offering to provide a comprehensive service at affordable rates.